Edinburgh Nightlife

Edinburgh is a great city. It’s the cultural, political, culinary, academic and artistic heart of Scotland. It’s famous for its university and great old buildings, as much as it’s known for the being the home of Scottish Parliament. It’s got the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the famous Edinburgh Festival and its sibling, the Fringe Festival.

Every part of Edinburgh has a place for you to while away the night hours with friends. You can do this gently or not so gently. You can have an evening of traditional pleasures or something from the new catalogue. And you won’t have to look too hard to find either. Head to the famous Royal Mile in Old Town and have your pick of pubs and restaurants. Here you’ll find basement pubs where you can listen to live music, and that’s a big thing in a city which is a hive of great bands that play everything from pop to jazz to blues to rock. You’ll also find a few venues where to hear good folk music. There’s little more stirring than a good banjo and fiddle combo playing in a city which has a long heritage of folk music.

There are bigger music venues, dedicated to more formal concerts. These range from the modestly-sized and privately-owned to the corporate sponsorship variety which host all the big acts who come to town. It’s city of many great venues. There are theatres which have been around for a long time, and there are younger theatres which specialize in presenting the best and brightest Scottish talent. This can be anything from music to theatre. Writing is revered in Edinburgh and so good theatre is part of the regular list of nightlife activities. This also goes for stand-up comedy, for which there are two dedicated clubs. They have different kinds of evenings, from young and upcoming comedians, to performances by those familiar faces who know well how to extract a belly laugh. But the really big names in comedy, like national treasure Billy Connolly, will usually perform at the main theatres.

No trip to Edinburgh is complete without a visit to a traditional old pub. If you want to sip a real where weary travellers have gathered for five hundred years, you only have to head to Victoria Street. There are some fine old pubs in the city, in Old Town especially, and many of them cater to those who want to sample real ale. Some of them have the big screen sports events on the go, while others are generally pleasing places with a mixture of regulars and visitors supping thick nourishing bitter which wasn’t brewed too far from the pub itself.

For the trendy set, there are sleek and swanky wine bars, where a pint isn’t as prevalent as a martini or glass of Pinot Grigio. Stylish bars are to found all over the city. There are those which have a rotating clientele and catch the passing tourist trade, and then there are those little gems which are hidden away in the maze of Old Town and are frequented by the locals who know where to go.

Princess Street and Rose Street will also supply you with a good night out with the guys or the girls. Rose Street is particularly known for being the preferred place for hen nights or stag parties.

The West End won’t disappoint either with its variety places to eat and drink. And if you’re one to want to dance the night away to tribal rhythms or digital drum beats, then there are a few well known dance clubs. These are mostly frequented by students who know the scene.